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Preparing for the future

Ever wonder why student scores remain stagnant? Ever wonder why schools, and students, are measured by assessment data? Wonder about the implications of over reliance on these measures? In his recent article in The Telegraph writer Iain Kilpatrick dissects the conundrum that is modern schooling by exploring the conflict between what is taught in school […]

Respect- earned not demanded

When I started teaching I didn't have much experience managing a classroom. There were some pretty epic battles and, honestly, I could have done much better with more empathy towards my students. This introspection only comes from fourteen years of reflection. I wish I could meet those students again, offer an apology and turn back […]

2 Things kids could learn from watching Super Bowl 51

A seemingly improbable upset with the super successful Patriots down and out for most of the game was riveting to watch. The up-and-coming Atlanta Falcons seemed as though they were steamrolling their way to victory with both passing and rushing success combined with prime defense that was effective in forcing critical turnovers and sacks. Kids […]